Welcome to Brewdism!

Brewdism is not simply about getting drunk. Brewdism is the understanding and treasuring of the happiness and limitless possibilities that our drinks of choice harness in their unassuming containers. It is about reveling in the characters, locales, situations and festivities that our chosen path leads us to. Brewdism is the renaissance of pub culture, the emerging of the cocktail crusade, a reawakening of our love for the vice that makes this world a better place. Absorb every ounce of happiness from each moment and every shot glass. This is the path to inebriated enlightenment.

A brewdist is not the drunkard. He is not a lush, barfly or wino. A brewdist is self-aware, intelligent and their confidence in their beliefs is magnetic. Understanding how to sustain the peak level of efficient drinking, Brewdists are mentors and professionals. One could be on the path to a new paradigm of being intoxicated, once armed with the knowledge nurtured by Brewdism ideals. A Brewdist is the life of the party, the artisan, the essential drinker. Brewdists cherish with vigor all that life, love and booze have to offer and disdain negativity. They enjoy every precious moment helping others do the same by walking beside them as they journey down the path to inebriated enlightenment.

One day Brewdists and Brewdas of the world will converge into a billowing swarm permeating through the earth guiding, imbibing and awakening. We shall lead all others to the attainment of true happiness through Brewdism, redefining consumption, shattering misconceptions and bringing about the new age of the drink.