A long, long time ago...

After years of drinking, rehab, binging, and countless near death experiences, unknowingly, two great minds would collide in the smoky haze of a neighborhood barroom. This collision created the Big Bang of Drinking giving birth to the tiny particles that would form a mountainous idea, the seeds of revolution. Seeds that will go on to sprout enlightened fruit which will garnish our tequila, and martinis in order for all to taste happiness. This was the birth of inebriated enlightenment and until now no one heard the boom.

These two mortals in their normal bar, drinking their normal drinks under on illustrious starry sky decide to reignite the flames of drinking culture with the same passion that fueled the rum runners and speakeasies of the prohibition era. Over are the days of discrimination, finger pointing and negativity that surround our passion to this very day.

Before this winter night these two men irresponsibly wandered separately for twenty five years unaware that together they would become revolutionaries. They would combine their mistakes, successes and enlightenment not to make history, just to give it a twist, on the rocks, with an olive.

Today these events created Brewdism.