Being an efficient brewdist entails two different aspects being the effective management of time and money. It is imperative that a brewdist uses one's finances responsibly, supporting facets of one's life accordingly, while still allotting enough funds for the pleasures of practicing brewdism. A proper amount of alcohol prior to departure to one's well is crucial. A pregame is necessary to complete a brewdist evening. Life is short and as such time should be adamantly revered. In regards to time it is important to be able to recognize a fruitless endeavor in order to devote that time to prosperous ventures. Once the evening is well underway it is an obligation to be mindful of all brewdists and nonbrewdists alike, keeping a watchful eye on drink consumption. If a brewdist should go to the bar to purchase a beverage, he does so while assuring all others glasses are sufficiently full. There is no need for unnecessary trips if those trips could be avoided. The efficient brewdist looks out for their fellow brewdists, while staying within their financial means to do so.

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