Know One's Inner Brewda

Most Brewdists will not know who they are or how to find their inner Brewda, until they find their true Brewdist self. The pursuit of happiness is not attained through shear consumption alone. It is the knowledge of what the consumption can do to one's everyday life, in the context of enhancement, that is an understanding of the Brewdist self. Brewdist self-knowledge does not come suddenly, it follows the transformation of sober to inebriated, while invoking a self-consciousness that promotes a positive well-being and stable cooperation of the two states of mind. Once the knowledge is attained one must understand what the knowledge means through realization. To understand the state of Brewdist-self-realization, a relaxing state of mind is necessary. Any meditation technique should aid in the elimination of outside stressors, especially techniques that incorporate alcohol itself. A true internal feeling of happiness and the want for others to feel the same is the Brewdist self-realization. This is only achieved once the Brewdist has completely accepted all stressors as they are and acknowledged said stressors as finite. "This too shall pass", mentality is crucial. Once this perfection of mind is reached, it shall be possible to consume for the sole purpose of enhancement. Alcohol should never be used as an escape or numbing agent for feelings unwanted. All feelings should be embraced and understood at the deepest level. Appreciate the bad for the good. The real purpose of finding ones inner Brewda is to make life easier and more enjoyable. The life of the Brewdist that is of higher dimensions of consciousness is free to all tastes and thoughts of seeing the world through the eyes of the individual drinker, thus attaining the enlightened plane of Brewda.

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