Use Your Words

One should use their words at any and all opportunities. Never fake knowledge or feign understanding. If misunderstandings arise, seek to clarify or attain a reasonable explanation. Ask questions and listen for the answers. All opinions, brewdist or otherwise, should be taken with a "to each his own" attitude. One may not agree with another's opinions, yet there will always be time to express one's own opinion properly. It is not the brewdist way to fisticuff. Any and all subject matter should be considered open to discussion including but not limited to religion and politics. The "agree to disagree" principle will demand respect from a brewdist's peers. It also should be noted that it is one's duty to be mindful of their level of intoxication and mindset. If one should slip beyond the point of social short term memory loss, commonly known as a blackout, the brewdist should have the ability to realize this and withdraw themselves from any and all brewdist related subject matter. One's words are a direct representation of one's inner brewdist and brewdism itself. Represent one's self accordingly.

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