Excel In Life

"Success is in the eye of the beholder." "One person's trash is another's treasure." The truth in excellence of living is to be happy with where one's life is headed or has ended up. It is easy to let alcohol ruin certain situations in one's life. The Brewdist way is to use alcohol as an enhancement to their personal and professional lives. Be as productive a Brewdist as one can be. If one has any doubt with where they are headed or have ended up and does nothing to change this, then one is not truly Brewdist. Change is a way of life and should be implemented at the most minuscule level at the first sign of any unhappiness.

In love: drinking should bring a couple closer together, not push them apart

In work: alcohol should not suppress creativity but amplify productivity and sharpen your skill

In relationships: consumption should perform as companion not a treacherous contender

In health: living the brewdist lifestyle should never endanger the well-being of self or others

To be excellent is to fully comprehend and practice the virtues, but also to recognize when one begins to stray from the path. A true Brewdist is internally happy with every aspect of their life, and chooses to drink as a reward and tool for achieving and maintaining such a mindset.

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