Be a Humble Brewdist

A humble Brewdist is one that knows their limitations associated with alcohol well enough that drinking responsibly becomes a reflex, a subconscious social endeavor, so much so that they can be a positive influence on other Brewdists. Inclusion of everyone and anyone in one’s Brewdist evening is essential, for it allows non-Brewdists to see the Brewdist way. Anyone is a potential Brewdist and should be revered as such, no Brewdist is better than any other Brewdist. All Brewdists are considered equal. A Brewdist should be aware and mindful of one’s surroundings as to ensure that one is representing Brewdism in a positive light. It should be remembered that excess is not important to the Brewdist. If one feels that a glass of water is in order to ensure a pleasant Brewdist evening, then the Brewdist should partake in said water. A Brewdist’s peers should have no control over the Brewdist’s amount of consumption. It is also important to be an open minded Brewdist with the ability to listen attentively. Even the most incoherent of Tirades will, more than likely, have a point. Wait patiently for that point to emerge, using coaxing skills to procure the point if the speaker seems unable to complete their thoughts. It is imperative to aid fellow Brewdists, in anyway possible. If the less fortunate were to approach a Brewdist with a request of cash for the purpose of purchasing alcohol, it is the duty of the Brewdist to spare whatever the Brewdist deems necessary. If the less fortunate were to approach with a request of cash, for what the Brewdist interprets is a lie, then it is not necessary to give anything. Do not ignore the situation though, politely excuse one self and move on. The humble Brewdist will know the proper way to handle any situation.

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