Find Your Well

Finding one's well is an imperative facet of brewdism. It should be a personal decision of which one makes with a considerable amount of thought. For this will be one's hub from which to live the brewdist way of life. The process one uses to find one's well will vary from brewdist to brewdist. One may choose responsibly by using the establishment that is within closest proximity to one's living quarters. Attention should be focused specifically on accessibility. One may choose bartenders that suit one's personal preferences. One may find an establishment with budget conscious prices. These three elements are necessary to successfully procure a well. Once the well is determined, there are multiple rules by which to follow within the establishment. It is important to be mindful as to not disparage the property, staff or patrons. Always (and this cannot be expressed strongly enough), always, TIP the employees of the well generously and noticeably. This will aid in securing a well as one's own. It is not solely up to the brewdist to decide as the well must in turn. Engage all staff equally and often, but not to the point of annoyance. One should be known by all that inhabit said well and respected. It is the brewdist way to do as much as possible to lessen the duties of all employees. This will be reciprocated by promptness of service and facilitate a solid relationship. Make sure to frequent said well at least once a week or once on a brewdist evening if not simply for salutations. A brewdist well is the primary provider of enlightenment and should be revered as such.

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